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How to Deal with Valentine's Day

I received a text from a single friend who went to the grocery store forgetting that Valentine’s Day is Friday. She was bombarded by flowers, balloons, and reminders that she’s single. She wasn’t happy. I know this also can be a difficult day/week for those of you who’ve lost your partners. Thankfully, Valentine’s Day doesn’t affect me too much. But, I wish I could wipe it off the calendar because the day brings pain to many. I can’t do that, but here are suggestions for getting through it:

1) Avoid the store. A few years ago, I forgot it was Valentine’s Day until I visited a friend in the hospital. I swung by Safeway to get him a balloon and realized it was Valentine’s Day. If you must go to the store, avoid the Valentine’s section or go to a store that doesn’t focus on the day. I shopped at my normal grocery store on Monday; it had a small section with some chocolate, but that’s all.

2) Avoid the Hallmark store like the plague.

3) Gather with single friends. Maybe have dinner at a favorite, non-romantic, casual restaurant.

4) Decorate your loved one’s grave. A widow friend always visits the cemetery on Valentine’s Day and decorates her husband’s tombstone with hearts.

5) Take a bath or treat yourself to relaxation. Perhaps read a book or work on a puzzle. This is self-love.

6) Hang with your animal(s). This is my favorite activity when I feel left out of celebrations.

My cats don’t know or care that it’s Valentine’s Day. So why should I care?

Any other ideas?

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