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Throughout my book, I share stories and experiences of my widowed friends. I thought it would be helpful to give updates on their lives. When you're first widowed, I think in some ways it can be helpful to know the grief won't last forever; it may last years or even decades, but it likely won't last forever. I thought that by giving you updates on the people in my book, you'll be able to see that grief takes different amounts of time for all of us, but we all have gone on with life in some way. 


Since losing Reg, I have worked as a freelance editor and writer. I spend my spare time hiking and hanging with my family and friends. Although I miss Reg, I am reasonably content. I have recently reengaged with animal and environmental activism. I was fortunate enough to travel to Kenya last year. I never thought I would  travel by myself, let alone to Kenya, but I have learned to be okay with being alone.  I feel I am slowly but surely coming back to my old self again. I still get annoyed if I feel people judge my grief journey or try to tell me what to do. But I no longer feel broken. 


Gina is doing well. She moved into a new house because she and her son felt too sad living in their old house without her husband. She has a new boyfriend and is enjoying life. She travels frequently and is having more fun than she's had in a long time. She has a new job, and her son is successfully in college. 


Dakota stays busy with her grandchildren. She still misses her husband and feels emotional on important dates, such as his birthday. She cries but also laughs frequently. She has no intention to date , but she goes to the gym daily and takes care of herself.  


Desiree recently became  a grandmother and enjoys visiting with her new grandson. She has been dating and generally doing well. 


Dawn dates occasionally. As I explained in the book, she got rheumatoid arthritis after her husband died. Her condition, unfortunately, makes it where she can't work; she's somewhat limited on what she can do on a daily basis as well. She enjoys going to  concerts though. 


Brad has dated occasionally. He had hoped to find a traveling buddy but has taken trips alone. He continues to take classes through the local university. 


Rachel moved to another state and is living with her boyfriend. She has a new job, and her young children are doing well.


Bill is sadly still homeless and underemployed. His health has taken a downturn, so he isn't able to work as much as he would want. To my knowledge, he is not dating anyone. 


Since her husband's death, Jessica has gotten a new job. Two of her children have graduated from college, and one is still in college. She is not dating and has no plans to date as of now. She has mastered burpees at boot camp and can keep up with women half her age!


Angela has been a widow twice. She said is took her five years after her first husband's death to open her heart again. She started dating after ten years, got remarried, and became a widow again. She is taking classes at the local college and enjoys walking her dog. A documentary was made about her husband and his death. She traveled to London to see the film at a film festival and to answer questions from the audience. 


Tara's children moved back into the house with her, largely for financial reasons. So, she stays busy with her kids. She doesn't plan to date again, but she has gotten her health back under control. 


As I explained in the book, Laurence died three years after his wife. We all miss him. 

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